Passionate About Helping Others

My number one goal is to get you to have LONG TERM SUCCESS with whatever the problem is that you have. That's really all that matters... that you not only have success and resolution, but long term success. 

I practice "client centered" hypnosis, which is essentially tailoring the hypnosis technique to you and your specific problem, instead of trying to use the same technique on you that I use on everybody else just because I like that technique. A technique that works on one person may not work as well with another person, because everyone is different. This is one thing that makes me different from many other hypnotists.

I also practice what I call "transformational hypnotherapy", which is also something very different from what many other hypnotists do, and will help you profoundly with your problem. You can read more about transformational hypnotherapy on the Transformational Hypnotherapy page on this website.

I don't rely on gimmicks such as guarantees to provide long term success from a quick one hour session. Quick one hour sessions work for some people some of the time, but they don't work for most people most of the time. Everyone is different, every problem is unique to each person. (This is also why pre-recorded hypnosis MP3s and CDs often don't give you the results that you were hoping for.)

My sole interest is getting you long term success and resolution to your problems.

If you would like to know more about me and how I became interested in hypnosis, read on!

My interest in hypnosis started way back when I was a kid, when it seemed like a mysterious power that only a few people could possess. How cool it seemed to be able to hypnotize people and make them do things. Unfortunately, there was little to no information available at the time to actually learn hypnosis and find out what it really was. 

Fast forward to my 30's when I was struggling with stress related to work and trying to start a business on the side. The notion of using hypnosis to reduce the feelings of stress and increase the feelings of confidence seemed like a good prescription. Fortunately, the internet had just started to become popular and I was able to find a life coach in my area who was trained in basic hypnosis. With this life coach I experienced "light trance" hypnosis for the first time, and it did help me. It also rekindled the interest in hypnosis for me.


For the next 10 years or so I did what many people do, I purchased hypnosis recordings here and there for a number of issues that I wanted help resolving. They all helped somewhat, but I never got the results that I really wanted. That started me thinking... that hypnosis recordings seem to help a little, but they don't seem to really do the job all the way. And thats when I started seriously researching hypnosis and how it works.


Fast forward closer to the present time. I had such an interest in hypnosis, and what it could do to help people, that I started looking into getting trained to do hypnosis myself. Fortunately, the internet presented many options for training from many different people in the hypnosis community. And I decided to take the plunge.


As of today, I have taken numerous hypnosis courses, attended numerous training seminars, consulted with other practicing hypnotists, and have read countless books on the subject of hypnosis. I continue to educate myself on the subject on an almost daily basis. I hold several certificates and diplomas in clinical hypnotherapy and I am a member of several professional organizations for hypnotherapists (see below).


I love to help people and truly enjoy seeing them overcome the problems that they have been carrying around with them, sometimes their entire lives. Let me help you too!

Certifications & Qualifications

  • Certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Transform Destiny Group

  • Diploma of Master Hypnotherapist - KEW Academy

  • Certification in Hypnotherapy - Scottish Strategic Life Academy

  • Internship Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique - QHH Academy

  • Bachelor of Science Degree - Western Governor's University

  • International Board of Coaches & Practitioners Member

  • Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association Member

  • Universal Life Church Ordained Minister


P. O. Box 10572

Lynchburg, VA 24506


Tel: 800-819-2665

Tel: 434-386-1790 


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