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What Holds You Back From Everything That You Want In Life?

What holds most people back from the things they want in life?

· A great relationship with someone

· Making and having good friends

· A great career, whether it be working for someone else or working for yourself

· The amount of money that you feel would be perfect

· A healthy body and mind

· Experiencing new things, travelling, seeing new places and people

· Trying anything new

The answer is FEAR.

And this fear is usually a deep seated fear of being hurt either emotionally or physically, or for many people its actually both.

This fear comes from something buried in your subconscious mind, you may not even remember the initial event that started it all. It is usually something that happened to you when you were a child, although in some cases it happened later in life. It may not even be something that you would consider to be a big deal from your adult perspective. But when it happened, it was big to you and created this fear.

This fear then began to snowball into something bigger. With every similar event that occurred to you, whether it was real or just perceived, the fear became bigger and became even more deeply rooted in your mind.

This isn’t because of anything that you did wrong. It is simply your subconscious mind doing its job, or at least doing what it thinks is its job.

Your subconscious mind remembers everything that has ever happened to you, that is its job. From the moment you were born, and even while you were in your mother’s womb to some extent, your subconscious mind has been recording everything that you have experienced. It remembers everything.

The subconscious mind is especially sensitive to everything that happened to you when you were a child. So anything that happened during your childhood, whether your child’s perception of what happened was accurate or not, is remembered as absolute truth by your subconscious mind. All of this is carried with you into your teenage years and then into adulthood.

This child’s perception of what is absolute truth is generally wrong. Many of the experiences that you had as a child were truth for you at that moment for a child, when you were experiencing them. But they technically are not truth for you now as an adult. But your subconscious mind doesn’t rationalize it that way, it continues to hold onto the child’s perception and any beliefs related to it. This creates a program that runs non-stop in your subconscious, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

I’m sure that you have heard before from somebody, that we all have programs running in our subconscious. Much like a computer program is running in the background on your computer, its like the main Operating System running all of the necessary things in order for your computer to do what its supposed to do. These programs cause us to believe the things that we do… about ourselves, about other people, and about the world in general. When we have these programs, built on fears, our own OS causes us to do many things in our life based on these fear programs.

So still using this computer analogy, if your computer has an operating system that’s basically running everything… it’s the same for people where the subconscious mind is running everything. The programming, or the memories and emotions attached to those memories (even if we don’t consciously remember them) are running the show.

So what to do about this? The only way to have real change in your life, in a very short amount of time, is to use the right kind of hypnosis to locate these beliefs attached to old memories and experiences, understand them from an adult perspective, then release the emotions that were attached to them, and then incorporate positive ideas and beliefs in their place.

I emphasize the RIGHT KIND OF HYPNOSIS because the wrong kind of hypnosis will not release your fears and you will not experience much, if any, change in your life. The types of hypnosis that I use will achieve the release of fears buried in your subconscious.

Remember, as I said at the beginning of all of this, the reason that you are being held back from achieving and having all the things that you want in life is fear. Specifically some core fear of being hurt emotionally and physically, which usually is rooted in things that you experienced when you were a child. And the only way to that I know of to clear out these old fears in a quick manner, is through the right kind of hypnosis.

My job in life is to help people release their fears, let me help you.



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